About .JPG Studios


.JPG Studios is a marketing, custom graphic design and production studio.  We will take care of all your marketing needs, providing you with a “one-stop-shop” for all promotional and advertising materials/products. We specialize in working with small businesses, corporations, non-profits, and ad agencies to help them achieve their marketing solutions.  At .JPG Studios we realize how important it is to get your marketing solutions done right.  With our many years of experience, we can help you to create and select unique and eye-catching products that will make the most positive impact for you.


In a time when people are recognizing how delicate the environment is, it is important for companies to shift into a more environmentally conscious state.


.JPG Studios has taken the initiative to grow into an environmentally friendly corporation by taking significant steps in their printing production.  .JPG goes through great lengths to ensure that all offset printing are environmentally safe and of the highest quality. 


.JPG Studios uses soy inks in all of their offset printing production, which is a safe and environmentally friendly ink because of its simple compound compared to petroleum-based ink. Soy ink has many great advantages; one is its distinguishable clearness which allows for brighter and more vibrant ink and secondly, it consumes very little energy in the simple process of its making. Soy ink can also be easily removed from paper in the recycling process.  As the print industry evolves, soy ink becomes an increasingly popular alternative.  All papers used for the offset printing production is produced specifically for paper-making and is not produced from illegally deforested trees. All Aqueous and UV coatings consist of very low to zero traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC), reducing harmful components that damage the atmosphere and the surrounding environments. Best of all, all printing prices are comparable to conventional printing, allowing you to be cost-effective and environmentally conscious.




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